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Kris' Self Contained* Floating Apparatus Page

UPDATED: Monday, January 05, 2004

The physicist Leo Szilard once announced to his friend Hans Bethe that he was thinking of keeping a diary: "I don't intend to publish. I am merely going to record the facts for the information of God." "Don't you think God knows the facts?" Bethe asked. "Yes," said Szilard. "He knows this facts, but He does now know this version of the facts."

-Hans Christian von Baeyer, Taming the Atom


The Epic Continues

January 3, 2003

Time to put the chine logs on (the thingies on the bottom edge of the hull where you screw the bottom on) and it's not looking good... you see, the chine logs are 1.5" by about 5/8". Then don't so much as bend around the hull as bend the hull...

IMAG0001.JPG (117920 bytes)
My homemade clamps (3" ABS pipe, cut on one side lengthwise and then sliced like bread. Black bread) are working great! But I need to shave about a 1/4" off these log thingies, so that they actually bend. Whod'a thought little boards would be so resistant to bending? I tried pole vaulting and they were really bending... IMAG0003.JPG (98188 bytes)
I screwed up here, I could have made a nice looking stem bity here but nooo, I had to cut it quickly without thinking... IMAG0005.JPG (102560 bytes)
Holy crap you need a lot of clamps to keep these things on. Thank god for homemade clamps. I mean really, a 5' abs pipe costs $3, I got 15 clamps only using 1/2 of it. So I could have 30 clamps for $3. I bet that's a really small per unit price, but it's 8am and I'll let you do the math. IMAG0006.JPG (117046 bytes)
$0.10 clamps are nice, but they don't hold like a real C clamp, you'll need 4 real clamps the the ends, steel trumps abs anyday.

Hey, I almost forgot! I got all excited and put the gunwales on too. You almost didn't notice did you... I still have 1/4 a tube of the evil glue so I didn't glue them on. Who needs glue anyway. Stupid glue.

I ran out of screws, I only have one left. He's right next to the C clamp. I will call him George. George is lonely. I'll leave him on the floor so he can get stuck in a shoe and see the world. Or something.

IMAG0008.JPG (107758 bytes)
They say that in early human times, (before the internet) it was the skinny guys who invented tools, because they needed them to survive. If you were a huge dude you didn't need to do much except to wack babes on the head or strangle elephants with vines for dinner. It's the skinny guys who invented the saw to cut down trees (instead of kicking them down) and the skinny guy who invented the spear, to stick the big guy and steal the girl. Yea, I know what you're thinking, skinny guys rule.

'Nuff said.

IMAG0009.JPG (102530 bytes)
Ready to cut out the bottom? Ready! It just barely fits. Some might say it's a little short, but some don't know my skillz with the wood filler, do they? They do? Damn. IMAG0011.JPG (86968 bytes)
All cut out, screwed together and ready to rock and roll! I didn't bevel the frame though, which was a mistake, that I just accidentally admitted... you should bevel it, taking material off towards the bow, then it will sit flush, not with a gap like mine. Some people like the gap, I'm one of them, so we'll say I put the gap on purpose. IMAG0012.JPG (98170 bytes)
This is where I thought I could store it, up high so it won't get wet. This lasted for about 10mins, when my wife realized the stupidity of balancing all my hard work on a 2" wall thing. 


IMAG0014.JPG (102468 bytes)
The painting and hiding of mistakes will have to be done later, I'm going away this weekend and then I start three classes a week after work. That's my excuse for not doing anything else until say...

Now that it's almost done, I'd like to clarify something that a lot of backyard/basement boatbuilders seem to say. They say it's simple to build a boat. But it's hard work! It's a lot of work, and time explaining to your spouse why you need such-and-such a tool and how you can't sand until the glue dries. It's exhausting! But, it's very simple. It could all be done with a handsaw, a plane and a sander. Maybe a screwdriver too. Try it, you'll see!


(c) 2003 Kris Richardson