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Kris' Self Contained* Floating Apparatus Page

UPDATED: Monday, January 05, 2004
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Our story starts in the spring of 2003. I was bored to death at work and decided to Google "model paper boat", thinking that I could make a little hat shaped paper boat for my desk to ease my pain. What I ended up with was a link to make a paper "Weekender" from Stevenson's Projects where I found tons of pictures of people who built their own boats. I built the model and put it on my desk. Many requested a ride but I was not forthcoming. A spark had lit a flame.

im000164.jpg (511114 bytes)

I Googled some more, searching for plans and sponging up boat-building information. For a first time project I figured that Herb McLeod's OSS (One Sheet Skiff) was the way to go. Really dead simple design and maybe with some Christmas tools I could do it.

People said I was crazy. Actually, they didn't say it, but whenever I'd say "I'm going to build a boat" the room seemed to go silent, eyebrows raised all around and I longed for the solitude of a workshop. A crowd can gather when I'm done ;-)

I'd like to thank my wife for her support and answering my call for a "tools only" Christmas and my mom and brothers (blood & legal) for their Canadian Tire contributions.

*Self Contained adj to be lazy and make one Webpage with all text and info instead of linking to multiple pages. Saves time better spent building boats...


The Epic Begins

December 20, 2003

I took a trip to the Rona/Lansing store. Home Depot was useless, their plywood was beyond horrible. I picked up a 4'x8' Luan plywood sheet, a 2x4, two 2x6s and some brass screws, glue, a rip fence. All total about $65, not too shabby. I got a lot of raised eyebrows while securing the plywood to the roof... I'd like to say to the guy in the shiny F250 "#%!&@!$# you, I got it home and didn't have to buy a $40,000 truck"

Drove home in a headwind, I was not the guy with the vertical plywood sheet on his roof, but I think the front wheels left the ground a few times...

Imagine a car covered in wood here. Well, on top anyway...

December 27, 2003 (3hrs)

Got the plywood laid out and drawing the lines, I have about 2" of room on each side of the board to work. I figure that as I cut off material I'll get more room right? Right.

imag0069.jpg (390914 bytes)
After staring at the plywood, saw in hand for 1/2 hour, I get over my first instance of 'cut fear' and make some room on the floor. I have the sides of the hull in my new folding workbench. (thanks Santa!) My new pullsaw (also from Santa) makes cutting the angles for the bow/stern a breeze. imag0070.jpg (390956 bytes)
I cut one side and then clamped them together to make sure that each side is exactly the same. After I cut them I clamped them again and planed them fair. Planing has got to be the coolest, all those curly wood shavings. imag0072.jpg (374394 bytes)
December 28, 2003 (2hrs)

Framing the stern completely wrong took a few hours. I had to work really hard to leave big gaps in all the joints, and you wouldn't believe how hard it was to get the bevels wrong! but, luckily I did all of it backwards so I will just turn it around and it'll still work.

imag0073.jpg (405566 bytes)
December 29, 2003 (3hrs)

After reading and rereading the plans a billion times (no lie, ask my wife) the only thing I couldn't figure out was how to cut a long triangle out of a 2x4 to make the stem. Well, once you get some curly wood shavings underfoot, these things just work themselves out. I clamped the 2x4 on its end, and clamped a block to my rip fence so I could cut that close. Voila! A triangle. Now, a long 3d circle is called a cylinder, so is a long triangle called a trylinder?

imag0074.jpg (393014 bytes)
This is the "Wow, it is starting to look like a boat" part. My shiny (shiny?) new stem is working just great. Did I mention that there is hardly any room in here?

Wow, it is starting to look like a boat!

imag0077.jpg (337246 bytes)
Now that looks like a boat. Stern and stem attached and bam! Boatshape. Right now it might make a good playpen for a 6month old, or maybe a sandbox...

Note the 1x2 on the right, I kinda forgot to mark where the midframe goes, so I marked the measurement on there and scribed it before I bent the sides, tee hee.

Just a warning to anyone who thinks that getting polyurethane glue on their hands is no big deal and if you wipe your hand on a rag it's clean... IT'S NOT! I now have an extra layer of 'skin' that looks like dirt on my hands... Grrrr...

imag0078.jpg (350762 bytes)
I just can't get enough of that stem. I cut it flush with the sides of the hull. Probably not supposed to but who's gonna stop me? Or reattach it? imag0004.jpg (81856 bytes)
I missed an hour here, I was running out of time and.. well.. I had PL Premium (glue) all over my hands and sawdust and screws were sticking to my hands... I was the three stooges only I was alone....

Anyway, this is the port side midframe piece, I cut it all wrong about 4 times but in the end it worked. It's even straight!

imag0002.jpg (98250 bytes)
What would a port frame be without a starboard frame? I donno. imag0003.jpg (107248 bytes)
Here is the sandbox, in all its glory. The time to give up and make it a sandbox/planter/bookshelf is now, but I'm outta time, don't have sand, don't have a garden and already have a bookshelf. So I'll finish it another day. Maybe Saturday :-)

Speaking of sanding, maybe I need a new sander... or any sander...

imag0001.jpg (168232 bytes)
January 1, 2004 (Happy New Boat Year!)

I made a lot of curly wood bits today, having planed the bottom of the hull fair. I'll get a pic of that up later, I forgot to take any pictures but it's not too late. I also put a bevel on each of the chine logs with my trust circular saw. I'm really beginning to like that thing ($10 at a garage sale).

Oh, and my hands are almost clean... it's been a week... stupid polyurethane. Say that three times fast! "Stupid polyurethane, stpuod pulyuretane, upid olyuretane..."

Imagine the edge of the bottom of the hull is nice and fair.
Ok ok, I caved, I made a page 2. I even called it page2....



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